Discover the Escape Room of Bodega Montecillo!

Do you know what an escape room is? What about an escape room in a wine cellar?

This type of escape rooms are adventure games that require physical and mental concentration. While some challenges may require physical skills, most are mental. It is not necessary to be physically fit or agile. Players must use skills such as logic, mathematics, geography and general knowledge to solve the puzzles. A“gamemaster” is always available to help solve doubts during the experience.

In this type of activity, a group of players are locked in a room with a specific theme, where the objective is to solve riddles and puzzles to unravel a story and escape before the end of the time available.

At Bodegas Montecillo they have gone one step further by creating an escape room in the winery. This unique experience will break all your schemes.

In the heart of the wine region of La Rioja, between the picturesque villages of Fuenmayor and Navarrete, we find a unique experience that combines the excitement of escape rooms with the historical richness of a century-old winery. We present the Escape Room at Bodegas Montecillowhere wine is the thread of an unforgettable adventure.

The Story Behind the Walls

Bodegas Montecillo is the third oldest winery in La Rioja, and is home to centuries of winemaking tradition and well-kept secrets.
and is home to centuries of winemaking tradition and well-kept secrets. Its subway cellars, with stone walls that have seen generations of winemakers and tasters pass through, are the perfect setting for this unique experience.

The Challenge

Escape Room participants are immersed in a treasure hunt like no other. In teams, they will have to solve riddles, decipher codes and open padlocks to advance through the winery’s emblematic rooms. Each step brings them closer to the final goal: the coveted Navajas family chest.

Teamwork and Time Management

Adventure requires not only cunning and skill, but also teamwork. Participants must work together to pass the tests and advance towards the finish line. Time is ticking, and every minute counts. Will they be able to unravel the mysteries hidden in the depths of the cellar?

The Final Enigma

Once the teams have unlocked all the clues and objects, they will reach the final puzzle. What secrets does the Navajas family chest hold? Will they be able to solve it before time runs out? Excitement is in the air as hearts beat to the rhythm of the subway corridors.

Celebration with House Wines

Whether victorious or not, participants are rewarded with a well-deserved aperitif and a selection of the best wines of Bodegas Montecillo in its cozy Vinoteca – Wine Bar. Here, laughter and stories flow, and the flavors of La Rioja intertwine with the satisfaction of having completed the mission.

An Experience to Share

The escape room at Bodegas Montecillo is more than a game; it is an opportunity to create memories with friends and family. Who knows? You may discover your passion for wine along the way. So, if you are looking for something different, fun and full of history, reserve your place in this exciting adventure.

We know you’ve been eager to learn more about this experience, and we don’t want you to miss out. Every Saturday you have a new opportunity.

Enter the profile of Bodegas Montecillo to know all its wine tourism offer, which will not leave you cold.

Do not hesitate and get to know this centenary winery in La Rioja.

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