Five reasons to sell wine tourism online

At Thegetawine we believe that the reality in which we move, leads us to digitalization as a driver for the promotion of wine tourism in our country. Spain is full of wine tourism experiences, and we want to make them available to all wine tourists around the world.

Stick around and we’ll tell you five reasons to sell wine tourism online, and how this channel can help you sell better.

Digitization is a reality and if it is true that the COVID-19 pandemic has left the peak of this trend, the truth is that it does not seem that it will stay there. Several reports point in this direction and although they agree that the impact of online sales this period was particularly high, and especially during full confinement, there were more online sales after that peak than before it all started. This growth is attributed to the improvement of digital sales tools that, due to force majeure, were forced to be updated and improved, also changing the habits of use and consumption, thus starting what seems to be an upward trend for e-commerce.

At Thegetawine we firmly believe in the power of this digitalization of wine tourism, and that is why we were born in this format. We know that it is the best tool we have to achieve growth and recognition objectives. And as we are sure that this channel will help you, we have grouped five reasons why we believe that your wine tourism should also join this trend.

  1. Online presence

Nowadays, the online presence of companies is essential. Regardless of the sector in which it operates. Whether it’s an e-commerce platform, a website, social media or (highly recommended) a combination of all. It is a reality that a company that does not disseminate its products, services or brand through digital media has a more difficult time competing in the market.

Taking good care of our online presence can help us to increase our profits, not only financially. The fact that your customers can find your services or products on the web, increases your brand recognition significantly, creating more sales possibilities.

According to Wine Routes of Spain According to Rutas del Vino de España, 54% of wine tourists make their reservations through the Internet, which gives us an idea of the importance of these sales channels.

  • Reaching target audiences

In the wine tourism sector, as in any other, the services offered, although they share a common base, differ greatly from one winery to another. Family wineries, modern wineries, small producers, large wine groupswine tourism in Spain covers the whole spectrum in the type of services for wine tourists eager for different experiences. To ensure the success of your wine tourism department, segmentation is key, focusing your campaigns on the target audience you are really interested in receiving. Selling wine tourism online can help you optimize that segmentation, reaching precisely that wine tourist who is looking for the most indie or boutique, or family wine tourism for their weekend getaway.

  • Optimize the management of the visit calendar

All of us who have worked in this wonderful world of wine tourism (in Thegetawine ‘s team we have several examples), have often found it a challenge to manage the calendar of wine tourism visits. For a long time, Google Calendar has been (and will continue to be for many) the manager of visits and quotas.

Online wine tourism marketing platforms allow us to optimally manage the quotas we have for each day, instantly and updated. Allows instant booking from anywhere in the world, always adjusting to our availability of visits. Unannounced visits, that Saturday when you receive your importer‘s client in Switzerland, or the FamTrip of wine journalists, which can shake up your calendar, are easier to manage when you have these calendars open to wine tourism bookings.

  • Statistical studies

The advantage of having a presence in the largest number of digital media allows us to cover a large collection of information. It is no secret that social networks and websites give us a lot of data that we can analyze and record to be able to apply in our growth campaigns. Marketing, communication and visitor management can benefit from this data collection. What are the visits that generate the most interest, the days they visit us, the recommendations they make about our services… all of this can help us create a solid wine tourism department, based on the opinion of those who are most important to us: our customers.

  • Customer loyalty

In this digital era in which relationships are no longer as analog as they used to be, being able to connect with our customers through digital media is fundamental. Taking advantage of these wine tourism marketing platforms helps us to maintain the much desired relationship with the customer. Engaging them with our values and business principles generates brand loyalty, creating lasting relationships.

With these five reasons in mind, Thegetawine was born. A space where wineries can showcase their principles and singularities. A place where tourists can find the most varied offer, discovering the most unknown resources, as well as the spearheads of each region.

We want to be the channel that helps Spanish wine tourism to reach foreign countries. Facilitate access to all the quality offerings offered by our partners who already sell wine tourism online.

To our wine tourism experiences we add other more original complementary experiences. Tastings of chocolate with wine, cheeses fermented with grape skins… all that complement and companion of wine, which will surprise the foreign tourist and will make his experience in our territories unique.

Our objective is firm. Our iron will.

Are you joining the digitalization of wine tourism?

You provide the experience, we provide the channel with Thegetawine

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