Discovering Fariña – Fariña Winery

Guided tour of the winery facilities, the Fariña Museum and tasting of 2 wines. 90 min. approx.


Guided tour of the winery facilities and the Fariña Museum and tasting of two of the winery’s wines accompanied by a tapa of Zamorano cheese. 90 min. approx.

Tour of the processing plantthe subway breeding room with more than 1,800 French and American oak barrels and 6 French oak vats of 16,000 liters. bottling room of our winery in Toro, to know in depth the elaboration process of the different Fariña wines.

The guided tour also includes the winery museum . A warehouse that houses the exhibition of contemporary painting “Primero”, and a collection of tools and old winemaking machinery that tells the old way of making wine in the area of Toro.

A way to learn about the history of Toro wine and 3 generations of a family dedicated to the world of wine. The museum, built with its own funds, is full of special nooks and crannies, hanging vines, flying barrels or light hoses that simulate the filling of tanks.

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