Land Rover – Cuscó Berga

A Land Rover tour of the Penedès and Garraf vineyards and a visit to the Cuscó Berga winery on the way back.


Land Rover Experience – Cusco Berga

Discover a unique experience, Land Rover tour through the vineyards of Penedès and Garraf, followed by a visit to the Cuscó Berga Caves. Immerse yourself in the environment while enjoying a walk among mountains, contemplating stone huts, margins, vineyards and centenary olive trees in the company of your loved ones. Culminate your day in a unique 360º viewpoint, delighting you with panoramic views of vineyards, mountains, snow and the sea.

You will enjoy 3 tastings with commentary by a Sommelier, who will guide you through the aromas and flavors of the region, along with an exquisite selection of local appetizers to complement this unforgettable experience.

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