Picantal Guided Tour – Prada a Tope

Guided tour of the facilities, walk through the vineyard in “Carroviñas” and final tasting of 3 organic wines.


Tour of the facilities with a brief but intense explanation.
the history of “Prada a Tope” and the Lordship of Canedo, and
video projection (subject to availability of the facility) “Somos
a place that offers multiple services and because of that it can happen
that some of the steps in the process cannot be completed on time.
Visit to the winemaking cellar, the Xamprada wine cellar and the
Crianza, where we will tell you how we elaborate our wines. At
In this itinerary, we have to stop in the area of
handcrafted elaboration of our products “Prada a Tope”: cherries
in brandy, chestnuts in syrup, roasted peppers, marmalades…
Carroviñas tour and interpretation of organic vineyards (if the
weather conditions permitting).
Tasting of 3 of our Organic wines.

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