Tast de Tardor – Celler Bàrbara Forés

Tast de Tardor is a proposal to delve into the scenarios of the Battle of the Ebro and the Spanish Civil War while tasting five of our wines and our extra virgin olive oil.


Meeting point: Recreational area of La Fonteta (Gandesa). Own vehicle is a must.

Minimum group of 5 people.


You can not miss the Tast de Tardor of Celler Bárbara Forés.

The Tast de Tardor or autumn tasting is a unique proposal for wine and history lovers. We will climb up to the Pàndols mountain range, scene of the Battle of the Ebro and one of the toughest battles of the Spanish Civil War. From the heights of Pàndols, we will go into the landscape of the region of the
Terra Alta
witness of this historical episode of 1938. We will walk through the shade of Tomaset, the estate where we grow Morenillo, a recovered variety with which we make two very special wines: El Templari and En Moviment Ancestral.

Celler Bárbara Forés offers you a walk to reflect on the past and historical memory paired with five wines and an extra virgin olive oil. The tour ends with a visit to our winery, a 19th century manor house in the center of Gandesa.

Meeting point: Recreational area of La Fonteta (Gandesa). Own vehicle is a must.



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