Tasting visit to vineyards and winery – Pardevalles

Immerse yourself in the rich wine culture of Pardevalles through a 2-hour tour that engages all your senses. Explore the vineyards, discover the elaboration of different wines and culminate with a delicious paired tasting. A unique experience for wine and wine history lovers.


The tasting visit to Pardevalles will be a journey with the 5 senses through the culture and history of wine.

We will start the tour by visiting the vineyard to learn about the local varieties, their history and evolution. You will be able to feel the terroir with your hands, learn about viticulture and the techniques practiced in its vineyards. The visit continues with a visit to the winery to discover the different types of wine produced: white, rosé and red.

You will learn about traditional winemaking processes and the application of the latest technologies, as well as the aging and preservation of wine. The visit ends with a tasting of several wines, paired with a seasonal product to say goodbye to this winery with a good taste in your mouth and the best of memories.

Approximate duration: 2 hours


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