Urban Cellar – Bodegas Arizcuren

The vision of the architect and the winemaker united in a reinvented urban space that recovers a lost historical tradition of winemaking in the center of Logroño.


It begins with a detailed explanation of the family vineyards of La Rioja Oriental, of the native grape varieties that have traditionally been cultivated in our area in small plots worked with the traditional knowledge transmitted by our ancestors.

We will continue with a tour of the winemaking and aging rooms of the urban winery where we will learn how our wines are made and aged in barrels, amphorae and concrete tanks in such a unique space.

We will taste 4 wines that are part of the Arizcuren project: our Monte Gatun municipal wine, two minority varietals and an exclusive parcel wine. All these wines together are present on the menus of more than 30 Michelin-starred restaurants.


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