Visit Tasting of 3 wines – Les Acàcies

The Tasting Tour of 3 wines from Les Acàcies Winery consists of an initial video presentation, visit to the vineyard, visit to the winery and tasting with pairing of cheeses, sausages, bread with tomato and typical products of Bages.

Duration: approx. 60′
Group: between 2 and 20 persons depending on availability
Hours: 10 a.m. and 12 p.m.
Price: 15€ per person


Visit Tasting of 3 wines – Les Acàcies

At the winery Les Acàcies, located in a village in central Catalonia, you will have the pleasure of enjoying a lovely morning. The“3 Wine Tasting Visit” experience will begin with a video presentation, followed by a guided tour of the vineyard, a visit to the winery and a subsequent tasting of its wines. In this tasting visit you will be able to learn about new aspects related to oenology and the winery itself from Les Acàcies:

  • Learn in the field how they elaborate their own natural fertilizers to obtain fertile soils that project the fruit in its most faithful expression.
  • See the vineyards and the typical century-old vineyard huts.
  • Visit our winery and be surprised by a facility closer to a wine alchemy workshop than to a traditional winery.
  • To share with them the pleasure of taking care of all the details to recover sensations that refer to the purity of an ancestral wine culture.
  • Learn about the magnificent heritage of Avinyó and little-known aspects of a municipality that has grapes engraved on its coat of arms.
  • Tasting your wines in a quiet and comfortable way, comfortably installed right in front of our vineyards.

Their philosophy as winemakers is the search for maximum harmony and expressiveness in their entire range of wines, faithfully reflecting the qualities of the fruit and its natural environment, without adhering to previous dogmas that may limit the search for the highest possible quality, their main objective.

Maintaining the essence and spirit of Bages, they seek to bring value and identity to the area, betting on native varieties such as mandó, picapoll, sumoll or garnacha, as well as a selection of varieties chosen for their excellent adaptation to the territory, which belongs to the Pla de Bages Denomination of Origin.

The Pla de Bages DO is located in the region of Bages, in the province of Barcelona. This wine-growing area is known for its unique setting, where hills and vineyards predominate along the Llobregat River.

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