Walk among vineyards, winery and tasting – La Botera

The experience begins with a walk through the vineyards, followed by a visit to La Botera and a tasting of its wines along the way, ending in its tasting room.


Join this walk among vineyards and visit to the winery offered by La Botera.

One of the best projects that can be visited in Terra Alta. They describe themselves as “farmers, sons of Terra Alta and are passionate about what they do.

You will start with a walk among the vineyards, which besides being relaxing, you will learn about the field, varieties, possible diseases, climate… and you will see how they work to obtain the best fruits.

The winery has two sites: the oldest, located in the center of the village, is where it was founded. La Botera, and the new winery, which was inaugurated in 2018 and is in a 4-story building that is located at the roadside, right next to the main entrance to the village of Batea. The winery has a total surface area of approximately 3,500 m² distributed between the grape reception and vinification area, the winemaking room -with large tanks-, the barrel room -where the aging process takes place-, the bottling area, the warehouse, the laboratory, the store and the tasting room.

In this activity, you will learn more about the area, the history, the people, while you start tasting your first wine. We continue visiting the facilities, with the glass in hand, to continue enjoying the route. They will learn about the transformation of the fruit into great wines. The experience ends in the Crianza room and then in the Tasting Room, where one more wine is tasted and a round of questions and concerns from the customers is concluded.


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