Wine tourism in Valdevimbre – Tampesta Winery

Visiting hours at Bodegas Tampesta are from 12:00 to 14:30.

The minimum reservation is 6 people.


Valdevimbre – Bodegas Tampesta invites you to know first hand its facilities. In their guided tours they will explain in detail the history of the winery, the D.O. León wine, as well as the process of elaboration of their wines. Wines will be tasted in different parts of the process and their time in barrel. Finally, different wines will be tasted in the tasting room, always paired with local products. The visit lasts approximately 2 hours.

You can complete the activity by visiting Valdevimbre, a small village with a long winemaking tradition. It is worth mentioning its numerous cellars (subway caves) where in the past each family made its own wine. In one of these subway cellars you will find the“Centro de Interpretación del Vino D.O. León“. There is also a diversity of Cave-Restaurants where you can enjoy the traditional Leonese gastronomy and the wines of the area.


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