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Round table held during the presentation of Thegetawine, the marketing and consulting platform for wine tourism with an international vocation.

Thegetawine platform has just been launched with a clear objective: to become a benchmark for disseminating Spain’s wine culture abroad.

Forty-six percent of the tourists who choose Castilla y León as the main destination for their trip carry out wine tourism activities, making it the second autonomous community in terms of wine tourists, which is why Thegetawine’s journey begins in this community. However, when a foreign tourist arrives in the region, it is more difficult for him/her to know which are the wineries or the wine tourism offer in Castilla y León and, by extension, in Spain. the platform points out.

Thegetawine was officially presented this October 31 to professionals from the tourism and wine tourism sector at Andén 47(Valladolid). A project sponsored by Madison MK for its long and successful experience in the tourism sector and “its commitment to the business fabric of Castilla y León”; for the intention of internationalization with which Thegetawine is born and “that the spearhead is here”, as stated by the Director of Corporate Marketing and Communication at MADISON Experience Marketing, Sonia García.

The head of the project, Virginia Villanueva, confirmed that “47 wineries and six complementary services are already part of Thegetawine, which will be joined by La Rioja, Catalonia and Galicia”.

Precisely, a representative from each of these wine regions participated in the round table ‘Digitalization and Internationalization of Wine Tourism in Spain’: Chelo Miñana, responsible for wine tourism in the Masaveu Group; Marcos Yllera, Chairman in Bodegas Grupo Yllera; Roberto Puras, coordinator of the Association of Wineries of the Barrio de la Estación de Haro; and María Baró, responsible for wine tourism at the Perelada Group.

Marcos Yllera, whose group has opted for 3D technology for the reconstruction of the winery, believes that “digitalization or the arrival of AI is a complement” to the whole wine tourism activity, because wine tourism is “perception through all the senses” and this is how Roberto Puras describes it, who after the pandemic has perceived the tourist’s need to touch and feel.

As for the internationalization assistance offered by Thegetawine, the coordinator of the Wineries Association of the Barrio de la Estación de Haro, believes that it is important because “foreign tourists must be sought out” and trusts that “unity is strength” and that all the wine tourism offer that is created must fill gaps and complete what is not being done.

Undoubtedly, all agree that digitalization helps to sell and communicate because “wine tourism is about telling”, to which Chelo Miñana adds that “wine tourism has come to put history and tradition in order”.

Also on the table was the question of whether wine tourism is wine or not. From the Peralada Group, María Baró, is categorical: “wine tourism is wine and more” because it must “turn the place into a destination”.

Thegetawine arrives “as a useful tool with solutions for wineries and foreign tourists”. This is explained by the head of the project, Virginia Villanueva, who adds that “it aims to be a showcase for large and small wineries” which will be offered relevant information to define, redirect, strengthen and improve their wine tourism offer, “through data collection and subsequent analysis”.

It will do so through its digital platform, grouping the offer from origin and offering, for example, the possibility of renting a car with driver so that tourists can enjoy their wine tourism visits to the fullest.

Villanueva ended with a firm statement of intent: “we must be able to sell what is ours and become a support to make our quality wine culture known abroad”. This has made it possible for Thegetawine to become part of the Valladolid Wine Golden Mile.

Thegetawine team

Images courtesy of Andén 47

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