Milla de Oro del Vino - Plan Estratégico

The Provincial Council of Valladolid analyzes with the companies of the Golden Mile of Wine the implementation of a Strategic Plan

Thegetawine participates in the development of a Strategic Plan for Valladolid's Golden Mile of Wine.

On May 16, we had the opportunity to present, together with the Provincial Council of Valladolid, the creation of a Strategic Plan that will lay the foundations of what will be the Valladolid Golden Mile of Wine in the future.

The president of the Provincial Council of Valladolid, Conrado Íscar, today held a working meeting with the companies adhering to the quality tourism brand. Golden Mile of Wine. Province of ValladolidThe event served as the first action for the implementation and drafting of the new Strategic Plan for the Golden Mile of Wine.

The president of the Provincial Council, Conrado Íscar, points out that in order to move forward it is necessary to have “working documents, strategic lines, concrete objectives. We need a shared roadmap that shows us the path we want and must follow”.

Throughout the meeting, the badges identifying the 47 brands that currently make up the Golden Mile of Wine were handed out, among which we find.

In his speech, Conrado Íscar insisted that the Milla de Oro del Vino project “is a shared commitment, a firm commitment to promote wine tourism based on excellence, sustainability and internationalization”.

In this sense, he assured that it is necessary to continue taking steps to develop, “together with the companies, an action plan to make the Golden MileofWine in the province of Valladolid the great Spanish reference in terms of wine tourism”.

After thanking the participating companies for their involvement, because “thanks to you the dream has come true”, Conrado Íscar pointed out that “we do not want to stop dreaming. Because nothing is done without first being imagined. And this is a path on which we also want to count on your support. But dreams, in order to become reality, have to be translated into working documents, into strategic lines, into concrete objectives. We need a shared roadmap that shows us the path we want and must follow”.


Last February, the Provincial Council of Valladolid put out to tender the drafting of a Strategic Plan for the brand Golden Mile of Wine. Province of ValladolidThe project, which was finally awarded to the company MADISON (to which Thegetawine belongs) and whose lines of work were presented at the May 16 meeting by Virginia Villanueva, MADISON’s wine tourism manager.

The implementation period of the Strategic Plan is 6 months and begins with a phase of knowledge and analysis of the brand’s initial situation, which is the framework of today’s meeting. This first phase will also include a study of the needs of the brand in the territory, of the competition of other similar brands and of the destination management bodies.

This will be followed by a second phase in which the main lines of action will be designed and the objectives, both quantitative and qualitative, to be achieved with the Strategic Plan will be established. This will include essential issues such as the expansion of the brand and its values, the definition of financing models for new projects, the attraction of national and international audiences, the generation of local economic development and job creation in the rural environment, and increasing the visibility of the area’s cultural and historical heritage abroad.

The third phase focuses on the definition of actions from different areas, such as co-creation, training or the strategic definition of an organic action plan in both online and offline channels, which contributes to the achievement of the objectives and promotes positioning in the different environments. This also includes the design of advertising actions, which must have their corresponding performance indicators, as well as all actions aimed at financing, and two key elements in the development of the brand, namely digitalization and sustainability.

Once all this work has been completed, the Strategic Plan will be presented and implemented in collaboration with the companies adhering to the brand, which will play an active role in its preparation, since today’s meeting will be completed with various group and individual interviews that are already being carried out to obtain information on the current perception of the brand. The Wine Golden Mile, the vision they have of it and the trends they are detecting in the sector.


At the end of the meeting, the companies and entities adhering to the brand were given the badge designed to identify their belonging to the Milla de Oro del Vino tourism product.

A total of 47 badges were awarded, as some companies have different brands attached to them. The companies and entities that currently make up the Golden Mile of Wine are: Abadía Retuerta; Alma Carraovejas; BCD Travel Pangea Travel Store; Bodega Dehesa de los Canónigos; Bodega Dominio Lubiano; Bodega Finca Villacreces; Bodega La Olmilla; Bodega Pesquera; Bodega Quinta Sardonia; Bodega Sarmentero; Bodegas Arzuaga; Bodegas Emilio Moro; Bodegas Familiares Matarromera; Bodegas Protos; Casa Rural Los Aperos; Castilla Termal Hoteles; Finca Valdobar; Hotel Castillo de Curiel; Hotel Rural El Agapio; Hotel Rural Entreviñas; Mélida Wines; Museo Provincial del Vino; Restaurante Curioso; Restaurante Molino de Palacios; Thegetawine; Valdemonjas and Winedolid Travel.

The City Council of Peñafiel, the Provincial Association of Hotel and Catering Businesses and the Association of Tourist Accommodation Businesses of Valladolid (Hotel Association) also received their awards.

We are very grateful to be able to start this journey together with Agencia MADISON, and to be able to contribute our grain of sand to the promotion of this wonderful territory.

*Source: Provincial Council of Valladolid

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