Wine tourism: the experience of visiting your favorite winery

We all like to experience for once the process involved in making a good wine and even participate in it.

Who hasn’t wanted to participate in a grape harvest or a traditional treading? These are unforgettable experiences, this is wine tourism.

What is enotourism?

Also known as wine tourism or wine tourism is an organized trip to a wine-growing area to learn about the world of wine in person and from the inside: the wineries, the vineyards, the barrels and bottles, their production and history.

The main interest is wine, however it can be complemented with good local gastronomy to show off the regional pairing, rural tourism, local culture and the natural surroundings that accompany the hectares of vineyards.

What value does wine tourism bring?

Wine tourism brings multiple benefits in both the medium and long term:

  • Wine tourism boosts the region’s economy: gifts, hotels, restaurants, transportation are some of the areas that benefit from wine tourism.
  • It is part of the local tradition: Before the term enotourism existed, wineries liked to invite outsiders to help them in the grape harvests, allowing them to learn about their traditions and ways of cultivating the vines.
  • Knowing the process first hand, this adds value to the world of wine, provides general culture and enhances the elaborate production process.
  • Get to know the winery from the inside: when you visit the winery you will be able to see the responsible faces behind the winemaking process. This translates into an unforgettable experience for the visitor who will gladly recommend you to someone else.

What activities can I do in wine tourism?

The basics to ensure a good wine tour are:

  • Vineyard tour: This can be on foot, by bike, with an all-terrain vehicle ……., accompanied by a detailed explanation of the grape variety, the characteristics of the terroir and the method used to care for the vines.
  • Outdoor workshops and tastingsThe following is not the same as a masterclass You can enjoy a wine tasting in an auditorium rather than in a winery, surrounded by barrels, taste and participate in an evaluation or see how bottling is done, or even have a picnic in the open air enjoying a beautiful sunset surrounded by vineyards.
  • Guided tour of all areas: from the barrels to where the glasses are stored. Allowing us to learn more about the history of wine and its production.
  • A lunch to learn about the culture of the area: The best opportunity to learn about the local products and gastronomy accompanied by the best wine, pairing the products of the area with its best wines.

When to do wine tourism?

Any time of the year is good for wine tourism. Wineries offer experiences at all times of the year. For many the most pleasant time of the year is the end of the summer, even the wineries offer different experiences at these times of the year, such as a picnic in the vineyard or a bike ride. The autumn season between August and September is a very special time for the wineries as this is when they carry out the grape harvest and offer special activities related to it.

It is a great opportunity to live a unique experience: participate in the grape harvesting process, watch the fermentation or even participate in the crushing of the grapes in the most traditional way possible.

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