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Are you determined to bring your wine tourism experiences to foreign tourists but are still hesitant? We leave here the questions you ask us the most to help you in your decision to join Thegetawine. Don't hesitate. Reach that tourist who will help you to boost your image in foreign countries of your interest.

How can I register my winery on Thegetawine.com?

Easy. If you click here we will take you to the registration form where we collect the information that we will put in your file. It is important to us that the image and margin of your establishment is as neat as it would be on your own website, so we will not publish it until our team has checked that there are no typos and that the information provided complies with our values and objectives. Thegetawine.com.

What is the cost of promoting my wine tourism experiences through Thegetawine.com?

Creating your file on our platform is completely free of charge. Only if we are able to generate business for you would there be a cost. In this case a commission per sale is generated as agreed at the time of your registration. To learn more, contact our team

Is there any permanence when collaborating with Thegetawine.com?

We have a team with extensive experience in wine tourism and its management, and we know how important it is to be able to choose where to market the experiences. For this reason: no. You can be with us whenever you want. We want our relationship to last, and that’s why we believe it’s important that Thegetawine is really useful for your business, and that’s why we use tools that improve our collaboration and your performance. If you want to know more, contact us

Can any wine tourism service register with Thegetawine.com?

We are very concerned about the image of those who give us their use for promotion. For this reason, we filter and select those services that complete a homogeneous wine tourism offer in terms of quality, but with the greatest possible diversity to help us share with the wine tourist a sample of what each territory has to offer.

How do I manage the availability of my experiences?

Once your establishment’s profile is approved, we will give you access to your partner profile so that you can include all the information about your visits and their conditions. We know that not all wineries have a wine tourism department with the working time dedicated to this activity. In many cases it is the commercial or technical management that visits the facilities. To facilitate the communication channel and make responding to reservation requests as efficient as possible, we have designed a fast, single-contact system that allows you to respond from anywhere.

If we have not answered your questions and you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Fill out this short form and we will answer your questions.

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