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With Thegetawine, you can enjoy a unique wine tourism experience in some of the most exclusive wineries in the region. In this blog, we tell you how to discover all that La Rioja has to offer.

La Rioja is a world-renowned wine region, and Thegetawine’s wineries are some of the best in the region. Here is a look at some representative wineries that encapsulate the essence of Rioja wine tourism.

Discovering wine treasures

Some of the wineries that most mark the winemaking essence of the region through their experiences, especially their luxury experiences, are:

If you want to know the most traditional wine tourism in La Rioja, you cannot miss Arizcuren, a journey through time. Founded in the heart of La Rioja, this family winery embodies the winemaking tradition that has characterized the region for centuries, where you will discover the most traditional methods that have endured generation after generation in the history of Rioja wine.

In case the more traditional Rioja is not enough for you, in La Rioja you can enjoy luxury or different experiences that you will not forget. Would you like to explore the vineyards in a military Hummer while enjoying a unique experience? At Bodegas Manzanos, innovation and tradition come together to offer an unforgettable experience that combines the thrill of adventure with the exquisiteness of wine.

Do you want to enjoy the experience of driving a quad among vineyards? Well, with Rualwines you can live this experience, with them you can embark on a quad tour from Haro to the winery, exploring the landscapes of La Rioja so characteristic, also this experience does not stop here you can enjoy a glass of wine in their winebar accompanied by a good meal.

La Rioja Alavesa: Where Tradition Merges with Hospitality

To explore the Rioja Alavesa is to immerse yourself in the perfect fusion of tradition and hospitality. Here, wineries are not just places to taste wine, but real homes that open their doors to you.

Some examples of these types of wineries are Diez Caballero where elegance and hospitality go hand in hand, a small family winery where every visit becomes a close encounter with the wine passion that characterizes the region. Another example of a larger winery that does not lose its family essence is Tobelos, which invites you to explore the unique connection between land and wine, this winery blends with the landscape reflecting the harmony that characterizes the wine production of La Rioja.

If you want to live a luxury experience but without losing the typical family essence of La Rioja Alavesa you can not miss Bodega Las Orcas where the family is the heart of the winery, this visit not only includes a visit to the winery also includes its winebar and tasting of their best wines.

Discover, Feel and Celebrate

Wine tours in La Rioja are the it activity to do for a getaway. It’s a wine destination that goes beyond conventional tastings. With Thegetawine as your ally, you will discover the essence of this region through its wineries, where every corner tells a unique story. Feel the passion for wine and celebrate the diversity of La Rioja in a journey that will awaken all your senses. 


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